Smile On Cancer is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. Our mission is to encourage faith, hope, and happiness by providing support to those in need.



Your donations will assist Smile on Cancer in delivering comfort and joy to patients by helping cancer-specific organizations, like Run4Life and the South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation, in their ongoing initiatives.  These foundations assist in national cancer research, as well as continuing to search for new ways to support patients and their families.


"My mother taught me to live every day to the fullest. We want Smile on Cancer to honor her spirit."

Trish Constantine


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Our Journey

Welcome to Smile On Cancer, a foundation created by Dr. Rich Constantine and his wife, Trish. Just as it has for so many, cancer has had a very personal and long-lasting impact on the couple and their families. Within a span of just 10 months, Dr. Constantine and Trish both lost a parent to the disease. In October of 2009, Trish lost her mom, Sharon, to Ovarian cancer after courageously battling the disease for five and a half years. Shortly after, Dr. Constantine lost his dad, Rich Sr., to a rare form of Burkitt’s Lymphoma after being diagnosed just a year prior.


During their parents’ journeys, Dr. Constantine and Trish watched their parents stay positive and remain hopeful. Their parents never lost hope, and never stopped giving back to their communities. Trish’s mom, Sharon, felt that every day should be lived to the fullest, and found laughter to be the best medicine of all. Dr. Constantine’s dad believed that strong faith and love for one’s family and friends were more powerful than anything. He understood that while some things in life are out of our control, a positive attitude and faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.


Trish’s stepmom, Lisa, endured a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Constantine and Trish are happy to announce that she is a Breast cancer survivor. Dr. Constantine and Trish realize that there are many patients and families that find it difficult to find happiness in such tough times. It is their goal to be able to help bring joy to these families by helping to create relationships and connections with cancer-specific support groups and organizations. 


Above all, Rich and Trish want to encourage those on this journey to stay positive, never lose hope, and to Just Keep Smiling.



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Created in memory of:

Sharon Kessler
Rich Constantine Sr.

Louise Kessler


Brian Fasnacht
Herbert Grote
Gilbert Grote Sr.